OEROL (2008)

The annual theatre festival Oerol takes place on Terschelling, one of the five islands North of the Netherlands and can only be reached by ferry. For the 2008 edition a concept was developed, from which a logo, festival campaign image and t-shirts were designed.

concept: (sur)reali-time

(Sur)reality - the power of mainly open air, unusual locations spread all over the island, its surreal performances and real performers,

Time - because in order to fully profit from the nightfall/twilight, for this edition only on the island during the festival period the clock will be turned back by two hours.

These two elements combined with the often elusive programming of the festival results in surrealistic experiences. Fall into unusual theatre on exceptional locations in a unique -temporary- time zone...

moodboard Oerol moodboard Oerol
Logo Oerol 2008

As time settings are completely different only on the island during the festival, I designed the logo - forming "Oerol 2008" from five digits on the clock: 0, 2, 3, 7 and 8.


festival campaign image
Poster Oerol 2008
T-shirt Oerol T-shirt Oerol T-shirt Oerol