With values like pro active, open minded, cosmpolitan, fun and modern, a whole corporate identity and styling was developed for the new Hotel Lola in Amsterdam, that aims to be the preferred hotel for urban, young professionals.



This is not your ordinary overnight stay, but a hi-tech experience in a cutting edge new hotel where virtuality becomes reality. The latest in technology is present, not only to serve the guests, but certainly also to amaze them. Transparant interaction is key.

To counterpart all the technology, a contemporary robust atmosphere is created in the public spaces with the use of dark woods (warmth), steel (powerful) and glass (transparancy). Main colour is green, as a reference to the first IBM-computers, as well as to nature.

logo + brand visual

Hotel Lola

The typographic logo is based on the language to visualise bits and bytes that appear in long sequences of "1"s and "0"s.
The word Lola would visually be translated into "1010", and since the hotel is cutting edge: the second "0" was sliced and falls into the shape of the letter a.

Hotel Lola

The brand image is a pixelated image of an amazed woman. (Could this be Lola?)
Even when the image is not fully visible, the cut frames create a digital feel.



The few green dots that form a digital pattern on the frontside merge against light with the brand image printed on the backside, creating interaction in the stationary.

When the envelope is held against light, the brand image printed on the backside of the envelope is completed with the "missing" eye that is not immediately visible, but printed on the inside, exactly behind the envelope's window.

Hotel LolaHotel Lola
Hotel LolaHotel Lola

flags + banners
  Hotel Lola Hotel Lola banieren  

Hotel Lola                    Hotel Lola
Hotel LolaHotel LolaHotel Lola

Hotel Lola Hotel LolaHotel Lola

Hotel Lola Hotel Lola Hotel Lola
company cab
Hotel Lola
advertisement campaigns



Hotel Lola Hotel Lola Hotel Lola


Hotel Lola Hotel Lola  
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