At the last minute before the launch of his new generation recruitment agency, entrepeneur Francis Mukwayanzo turned to Soopknife for a design of the logo. Results from two earlier online logo "design" contests (so called 'spec work') turned out very unsatisfactory.

A short but intense sketch- and development period resulted in a happy client; Francis was pleased to see his visions for the new business graphically translated into a logo with an open character, well fitting for his agency.


Upturn Generations logo


A coil forms the idea for the logo.

The path of a coil moves in a circular way, creating (up)turning generations, increasing in size and thickness for growing ambition and development, while in the spiral also a stairwalker or slinky can be seen: a reference to a career ladder.


A coil is firm and stable, holding a powerful force, but still flexible and resilient at the same time.



Upturn Generations profiles to be operating sustainable, therefor a range of fresh greens was selected as corporate colors, which also stands for fertility and progression.


Upturn Generations business cards


For the six social media channels of the agency (LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo) different cover- and profile images were made, matching the exact required sizes, weights and resolutions of each channel on any device.


Upturn Generations Social Media