With an upcoming move to a new building, director Paul Bronkhorst approached Soopknife to design relocation announcements for the Omscholing Dansers Nederland (Retraining Program for Dancers). During this move, the program was to undergo significant changes and Paul wanted to seize this opportunity to present the program with a new logo and fresh identity.

(This was a very personal and special assignment, because I received support from this great fund upon ending my own dance career.)

Instead of using a (rather obvious) dancing figure or shape I focussed on transition, as the dancer is actually leaving the dance world.


A typographic approach and graphic translation of choreographic patterns and curves (in bodies ánd life paths), inspired by the turning point.


Circles with openings in all directions form the letters O, C, G (and D) and represent the connecting links of a chain, as well as made-to-measure entrances and exits in the retraining process, reflecting the program's flexibility to meet the individual needs of each (ex-)dancer to succeed in their new careers, while blue and green create a calming and fertile character fitting the program's diversity as a breeding ground of (re-)creation.


business cards + stationary
leader for presentations

Paul Bronkhorst is regularly invited internationally to give lectures and/or to present the unique programme. An animation was created as leader for his powerpoint presentations.

social media

Overhaul of the existing website using css-stylesheets only, with a new landing page containing flash animation.


relocation announcements

Prior to the introduction of the renewed program (and new logo), a two-fold card was designed based on the existing identity, to announce the upcoming change of address, as well as a web animation.


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