When Soopknife was asked to develope the corporate identity for his new agency, Huib Koeleman told me he was looking for a symbol with clear recognisition, representative of his activities in the field of change communication. He requested the use of strong, fresh colors throughout the identity with a personal preference for purple and "...something with movement!". A young feel, but clean and reliable at the same time, that would appeal to several target groups in varying ages.




The logo is based on a text bubble; the ultimate symbol for communication. Two connecting bubbles/visions/opinions/messages that link with -, influence - and/or transform into each other. The "eye" (the enclosed white space) refers to visual communication. The gradually more cursive placed characters of the word verandercommunicatie (change communication) hints to accelerating progression in improvements.




The logo is designed with three different color schemes resulting in a variety of logos, to use at random. Constantly changing colors represent the ongoing process that change is, often unexpected and seldom predictable.

The printed stationary is in 'just' two color schemes.

business card
Huib Koeleman business card
Huib Koeleman stationary



motion graphics

Huib Koeleman gives many presentations and workshops, using slideshows, powerpoint and/or Prezi. For these occassions several slide backgrounds were made, as wel as animations, to be used as leader- and end graphics.




social media